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Building High Performing Teams

In business today, teams play an increasingly important role in achieving organizational objectives. How a team is formed has much to do with how successful that team will be. Successful teams require more than specific skill sets, such as finance, sales, manufacturing, distribution, and customer support. Successful teams require open communication, clear goals and expectations, and complementary leadership styles. By analyzing the behavioral and communication styles, values, decision making skills, and personality of prospective team members, The Company Psychologist can assist leaders in constructing teams that have the greatest chance of accomplishing their goals.

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Executive Coaching

At some point in their careers, almost all business leaders come to realize the truth in the saying "It's lonely at the top." These leaders are at the top of their professions and are highly successful. However, they realize that the leadership behaviors that allowed them to reach their current level may not be what are necessary to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Perhaps they are struggling with finding balance in their lives, searching for feedback regarding their performance, or having difficulty developing a systematic plan for their growth and development.

For years, top athletes have benefited from a close relationship with a coach, someone who can objectively observe behavior, actively listen, serve as a sounding board, develop a plan for improving performance, and monitor progress toward meaningful goals. A coaching/mentoring relationship between a leader and The Company Psychologist, based on mutual trust and respect, can assist successful leaders in changing certain elements of their behavior and attitudes to move beyond their current level of personal and professional success.

Blending Cultures in a Merger

Recent studies have shown that close to 75% of mergers fail to achieve their expected results, and a major reason for that failure is the clash of cultures. There is seldom a merger of equals. One culture usually dominates. When a merger occurs, employees often feel fear, uncertainty, skepticism, resentment, and/or disillusionment. It is critically important for leaders in both organizations to recognize those feelings and address them through open communication of goals, expectations, and vision for the future. It is also important to recognize that rather than trying to integrate the two cultures, it is more beneficial to take the best from both cultures and create a new culture. The Company Psychologist can assist leaders in identifying the strengths of both cultures, communicate effectively, and avoid an “us versus them” mentality.

Strategic Planning

For any organization to be successful, it must have clear answers to the following three questions:

  1. What business are we in?
  2. Who are our desired customers?
  3. How can we do what we do better than anyone else?

The Company Psychologist can serve as a sounding board as the leaders in an organization grapple with these questions. The assessment and team building process allows for a systematic understanding of the current state of the organization, which is vital as a first step in planning where the organization wants to go and how it wants to get there. A thorough strategic planning process is dynamic and adaptable to changing market conditions or unforeseen issues that may arise and need to be addressed.


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