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Strategic Talent Management

Human Capital Analysis

The strength of any organization comes from the talented individuals and teams within that organization. The Company Psychologist focuses on assisting decision makers in strategically managing the human capital that is available to their organization, both current talent and individuals coming into the organization. Strategic talent management means having the right people, in the right place, doing the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons. Every organization has a unique combination of skills, talents, personality, and values that define its culture. The Company Psychologist can quantitatively measure those skills, talents, personality, and values, assess areas of strength and weakness, and implement strategies designed to transform the culture of the organization to meet present and future challenges.

The Company Psychologist strategic talent management process begins with an in-depth analysis of the organization through a series of structured meetings with the leadership team, both individually and as a group. During these meetings, the key positions within the organization are identified and those key positions are benchmarked.


Why do some people perform their jobs at a high level while others struggle? The biggest contributor to poor job performance is that the person is in a job for which he or she does not have the skills, talents, personality, and values.

Benchmarking involves determining the critical performance objectives for a given job. This is accomplished through a brainstorming session with those leaders most familiar with the position and key individuals who are performing the job at a high level. Once the critical performance objectives are identified, a series of targeted interview questions are developed to use when considering internal or external candidates for that job.

In addition to benchmarking the job, those who are currently performing that job participate in an assessment process using structured interviews and assessment instruments designed to quantify the skills, talents, personality characteristics, and values needed to meet the critical performance objectives.


Psychological assessments are designed to determine how well an individual meets the criteria to perform the job in question, as determined in the benchmarking process, and how well that individual fits within the existing culture of the organization. An individual may be a high performer in one organizational culture and a marginal or poor performer in a different culture, even within the same industry. Similarly, an individual may be a high performer in a sales role but perform at a less productive level in a management capacity.

The assessment process is particularly effective in the following situations:

  • Pre-employment selection for key positions
  • Assessment of current employees for possible promotion
  • As the first step in building a developmental plan
  • As the first step in coaching or mentoring
  • Team building
  • Blending cultures

The Company Psychologist psychological assessment process is customized to meet the unique needs of each client organization, but within a consistent framework. This framework consists of a systematically designed combination of targeted interviews and instruments designed to measure intellectual capabilities, personality characteristics, behavioral styles, emotional intelligence, competencies, and values.

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360 Degree Feedback

In order for people to be successful in their jobs, they need feedback regarding their performance. Feedback can take many forms, from informal one-on-one discussions to formal performance appraisals.

One very effective feedback mechanism is the 360 degree feedback process. This process is a systematic way to assess the performance of an individual by obtaining feedback from that individual's managers, peers, direct reports, and the individual himself/herself. In some cases, customers or vendors are also included in the feedback process.

The 360 degree feedback questionnaires are specifically tailored to address the behaviors, attitudes, and personality characteristics of your organization. Thus, the individual knows when he or she is performing above expectations, below expectations, or in line with expectations. When provided with this information, the individual, along with The Company Psychologist and appropriate coworkers, can develop a plan for meeting or exceeding performance expectations in all relevant areas. The individual does not feel that he or she is a bad employee, but rather that he or she should focus on specific behaviors in order to meet the expectations of others and himself or herself.


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